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WorkCenter Testimonials

"I also want to tell you how much I love using WorkCenter. People think that my husband and I are marketing machines…but it is so easy with your software. Thanks for such a great product!"

Meredith Hess, Maine

"Holy Cow Randy! I am completely overwelmed right now. The emails going out through WorkCenter have my phone going nuts! I'm trying to get all the calls returned in a timely manner. I will be in touch."

Rich Fraser, Missouri

"WorkCenter is the best piece of software ever developed."

Earl Vinson, California

"We gladly gave up our ACT! software after being introduced to WorkCenter, quickly recognizing the significant differences and benefits to our operations. We have closed over 10 new loans and generated more than $25,000 additional income strictly due to our use of WorkCenter. We tell all of our alliances to make the switch to WorkCenter."


Maya Hizzey, Washington State

“My team members and I use WorkCenter every day in my business to print reports, check on the status of all our loans, schedule appointments and keep all my client information up to date. Using WorkCenter has allowed me to generate additional loan closings and fees many times in excess of the cost we paid for WorkCenter.”

Carlos Lastres, Florida

"I have been using ACT! for over 20 years in some form or fashion and was truly thankful for the LTB template when I subscribed. But, I have to tell you if you take the time to convert your database and start using WorkCenter you will be amazed at what you can do, especially with the action plans. I highly recommend you review this product. We have been very pleased and it is making us money. ACT! is too generic for our business while WorkCenter was built for Loan Officers. It interfaces perfectly with Point and we have taken Action Plans to a new level. You can download the trial version for free and I highly recommend it. WorkCenter does so much more than ACT! and it is very powerful"

Phil Salemi, Texas

"I used ACT! but now use WorkCenter. I think WorkCenter is the best system! If you're using ACT! you're going through many steps. If you use Calyx Point and sync all of your borrowers into WorkCenter, you will see title, escrow, realtors and other vendors added as contacts in your database. When you click on them you can see who is related to each contact. You can group people really easily by using the drag-and-drop technology. It syncs with Outlook so you can get everyone on your cell phone. The Automated Action Plans are the next thing I am going to set up, but I know that is going to be killer as well! With WorkCenter, I can grow my business. ACT! is in the trash for me."

Michael Schults, California

“I am here to tell you I cannot live without using my WorkCenter Action Plans. I notify all my clients about major events that affect them. I cannot tell you how helpful this has been to me and my operations. I have generated over the past few months $15,000 in additional loan fees by using WorkCenter."


Bill Daniels, California

"Just a short note to tell you how much we appreciate the added organization and marketing power WorkCenter has provided us in our business. We now have over 6,500 contacts in our database. With your help we converted from ACT! which we loved at the time, to one of the early versions of WorkCenter about four years ago. In the following years our team has transitioned three mortgage banker/broker companies. We not only were able to take our WorkCenter with us but in each case convinced owners of the companies to purchase if for their LOs. In my opinion it has been successful in each case.

We have yet to realize and benefit from the full breadth and scope of this fantastic software. Each upgrade brings with it additional features that help us increase our efficiency and continue building our business. I cannot say enough about the customer support and training that vForms brings to the WorkCenter table. The extraordinary webcast training sessions are perfect for helping old and new team members enhance their skills and make better use of the software features.

Thanks again for your efforts to bring our industry into the 21st century in general and to our business in particular. We look forward to many more happy years of working with you and wish you continued success in helping others achieve their goals."

John Wilson, Texas

“I have been using WorkCenter since September 2005. It is very easy to quickly sync current and old loan information from my LOS into WorkCenter. This has allowed me to market directly to my past and present clients resulting in several new loan applications and closings. WorkCenter has been a great investment and I use the software everyday of the week in my business.”

David Alfano, Connecticut

“WorkCenter is Awesome! I have increased my income over $12,000 using WorkCenter. I was able to get rid of 3 types of databases and combine them into one. With WorkCenter's direct data synchronization with Calyx Point, it allows all my marketing and touch points to be handled through one source.”

Patricia Tenney, Arizona

“I would like to let you know how very happy I am with WorkCenter CRM. I have always been a big believer in using a database and utilizing it to stay in contact with past, present and future customers as well as keeping a firm grip on relationships with my COIs. In the past I had set aside two hours a day to keep up with all the work involved in maintaining and using my database.

Then, four years ago, I found WorkCenter CRM. No longer do I have to update new purchases to new primary homes! Because of the Action Plans I no longer have to remember to send out letters at the appropriate intervals. Because of the library I no longer have to track down the letter I want to send to a specific person or group for drip campaign letters. WorkCenter does it all for me - all I have to do is open WorkCenter and let it do its thing.

When the housing bust came, WorkCenter became even more important to me. Allowing me to 'mine' my database for customers who would benefit from a refinance helped me weather the storm and stay in the business as a productive and successful Loan Officer. I am proud to recommend WorkCenter to every Mortgage Lender still in the business. WorkCenter paid for itself within one month of my initial purchase, and continues to produce results for me to this day.”

Scott E Johnson, Florida

"I looked at other CRM solutions, especially web based, before buying WorkCenter. Why would you subscribe to a monthly service when you can own the software for a small fraction of the price? I also wanted to keep control of my data on my computer and servers. WorkCenter is the right choice."

Wes Newbold, Montana


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