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Privacy Statement for the vForms Software Products Including WorkCenter CRM

Updated: 12-31-2007

vForms is committed to helping protect your privacy. If you have any questions regarding privacy of your data, please contact our Corporate office at 22745 29 th Drive SE, Suite 210, Bothell, WA 98021 or call 425.489.7777.

Why does vForms collect information about errors and problems?

Information collected by vForms aids our client service department in resolving software issues and conflicts. Not all problems have solutions but when solutions are available, they are offered as steps for solving a problem you've reported or as updates to install. To help prevent problems and make software more reliable, some solutions are also included in upgrades and/or new versions of the software.

How is information collected?

All vForms software programs, are designed to work with the reporting service. If a problem occurs in one of these software programs, you are asked if you want to report it. You can view the details of the report before sending it, although some files might not be in a readable format and some firewall or local computer security systems may not allow you to send the reports electronically. You always have the option to copy and paste the information and email it to: .


What types of information can be collected?

The reporting service can collect Information about problems that interrupt you while you work and about errors that occur behind the scenes. It is important to diagnose errors that occur behind the scenes because these problems, if left unsolved, may cause additional problems such as performance or program failures.

Reports contain information that is most useful for diagnosing and solving the problem that has occurred, such as:

  • Where the problem happened in the software or hardware. Occasionally, empty files might be included as an initial indication of a problem.
  • Type or severity of the problem, if known
  • Files that help describe the problem (typically system or report-generated files about software behavior before or after the problem occurred)
  • Basic software and hardware information (such as operating system version and language, device models and manufacturers, or memory and hard disk size)

Your Internet Protocol (IP) address is also collected because you are connecting to an online service (web service) to send error reports. However, your IP address is used only to generate aggregate statistics. It is not used to identify you or contact you.

Reports might unintentionally contain personal information, but this information is not used to identify you or contact you. For example, a report that contains a snapshot of memory might include your name, part of a document you were working on, or data that you recently submitted to a website. If you are concerned that a report might contain personal or confidential information, you should not send the report.

Who can use the information and how can it be used?

vForms Support and programming technicians uses information about errors and problems to improve all of our software products. We at vForms use the information only to repair or improve the products that we publish or manufacture. Error messages or data are never distributed to unauthorized individuals or entities.

Information storage, processing, and release

Information that is collected by or sent to vForms may be stored and processed by our personnel, subsidiaries, or agents authorized by vForms Software.

vForms occasionally hires other companies or personnel to provide limited services on its behalf. vForms will only supply needed information to these entities and we hold them liable for any information distributed to them. They are held accountable to the same standards as all vForms personnel. They are required to maintain the confidentiality of the information and are prohibited from using it for any other purpose.

Security practices

vForms is committed to helping protect the security of the information we collect. The Error Reporting Service are delivered to client service and programming staff of vForms software and is held in strict confidence by vForms.

Changes to this statement

vForms updates these policies on a consistent basis when deemed necessary by management of the company.

vForms welcomes your comments regarding this privacy statement. If you believe that vForms has not adhered to this statement, please contact us at the address or phone number listed below. Please ask for a senior management individual of vForms if you make a call or correspond with the Company. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to promptly determine and remedy the problem.

vForms Reporting Service

914 164th St SE B12#214//Mill Creek, WA 98012//425.489.7777


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